What Mediation costs


MIAMS assessment meetings. 

The charge for the meeting and signing the relevant certificates is £100 for each person and is payable at the end of the meeting.

Family mediation meetings

The charge for meetings is £100 per hour per person. This means a typical two hour   meeting would cost £200 each.  It is payable at the end of the meeting.

Mediation summaries

These are charged at one hour of work ( i.e. £100 per person) and payable in advance.

Method of payment

Payment may be by cheque or cash, or by internet banking on the day of the meeting.


I do not charge VAT

Legal aid

I do not offer a legal aid service but can put you in touch with another mediator who does.  If you want to check your eligibility you can do this on www.gov.uk/check-legal-aid

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